Train your Betta fish to do Tricks

betta perform tricks

You can train your betta fish to do some tricks by teaching them; surprisingly it’s easy to train betta fish. Betta fish are intensely curious by nature; training your betta fish is good to keep them active and engaging.

Ironman Betta fish

ironman betta fish

This is the Red and golden color mixed Galaxy plakat breed which is very popular these days in the Betta Fish World. Betta lovers call it the Ironman Betta fish. 

Avatar Betta fish – Everything you must know!

avatar betta fish

This unique betta, with its striking colors, captivates enthusiasts. The Avatar Betta is essentially the Black Star Galaxy HMPK Betta, also referred to as Black Blue Star Galaxy, Black Star Galaxy, Black Avatar Stars, and Nebular Black Stars Betta.

Stop Killing Your Betta Fish

Betta fish are stunning creatures with their vibrant colors and unique personalities, but unfortunately, many betta fish suffer from inadequate care, leading to unnecessary deaths. In this blog, we’ll explore the common reasons why betta fish die. We’ll also provide you with essential tips to ensure your betta stays happy and healthy.

What is bullet Betta fish?

bullet betta fish

 In today’s topic, we will discuss another genetically modified betta fish variety called the Bullet Betta fish. But what is a bullet betta? Is this a healthy betta type? Can we breed them? Where can you buy one? This blog will answer all these questions and provide in-depth details. Let’s get started.

Hellboy Betta fish

hellboy betta

This is the Red Galaxy Platform breed which is very popular these days in the Betta Fish World, commonly known as Hellboy Betta fish by betta lovers.

How To Know Your Betta Fish Are Ready For Breeding

betta fish breeding pair

Breeding betta fish can be an exciting experience, but it’s essential to understand the signs of readiness in both male and female betta fish for breeding. This blog shows you how to identify when your betta fish are ready for breeding. So, let’s get started!