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Aqua Diary is a go-to destination for insight details about beautiful aquarium fish, with a primary focus on Betta fish and Guppy fish. Our site is packed with useful information about Betta fish care, including tips on aquarium setup, tank maintenance, food, water temperature, water parameters, and much more. We also cover a wide range of Betta fish topics, such as Betta fish types, colors, lifespan, price, and names, as well as Betta fish accessories, like tanks and bubble nests. Whether you’re a seasoned Betta fish owner or just getting started, our videos are sure to provide valuable insights and information. In addition to Betta fish care, we also offer talks about community tank setup, as well as interesting facts about these popular aquarium pets. And if you’re interested in breeding Betta fish, we’ve got you covered with detailed tutorials and tips.