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12 Secrets: Must-Know Tips For Using Catappa Leaves In Betta Fish Tanks

Betta fish not eating

Why Do Betta Fish Spit Out Their Food?

Betta fish decorations

10 Decorations Your Betta Fish Will LOVE In Their Aquarium

Betta fish require proper care to stay happy and healthy. It includes providing them with peaceful tank where your betta....read more
Betta fish flaring against mirror

Do You Need Mirror In Betta Fish Tank?

The betta fish is one of the most common tropical fish known for its various colors and fin types. Because....read more
betta fish for beginner

Why Betta Fish is Perfect Pet fish for Beginners?

Why would anyone consider a betta fish as their best pet? In this post, I will break down the benefits....read more
Tips for planted aquarium | Planted tank ideas

Tips for planted aquarium | Planted tank ideas

Planted tanks are less work to maintain than normal aquariums, but they require proper setup. The size of your tank,....read more
gravel cleaner

5 Best Gravel Cleaner for your Aquarium

This post will discuss the 5 best aquarium cleaners that make aquarium maintenance easy. Please note, these reviews are based....read more
AI Betta fish

I Asked AI to Create Human from Betta fish

I asked AI to create human portraits of my Betta fish. As a midjourney experiment, I asked for an AI....read more
Can you keep guppy and betta together

Can Guppies And Bettas Live Together? 10 Tips

Can guppy fish peacefully live with betta? How to avoid them picking on each other's beautiful fins? In today's post,....read more
old betta fish

How to Care Old Betta Fish

The art of caring for old betta fish requires a clear understanding of what to expect. The purpose of this....read more
betta perform tricks

Train your Betta fish to do Tricks

You can train your betta fish to do some tricks by teaching them; surprisingly it's easy to train betta fish.....read more
ironman betta fish

Ironman Betta fish

This is the Red and golden color mixed Galaxy plakat breed which is very popular these days in the Betta....read more
avatar betta fish

Avatar Betta fish – Everything you must know!

This unique betta, with its striking colors, captivates enthusiasts. The Avatar Betta is essentially the Black Star Galaxy HMPK Betta,....read more

Stop Killing Your Betta Fish

Betta fish are stunning creatures with their vibrant colors and unique personalities, but unfortunately, many betta fish suffer from inadequate....read more
bullet betta fish

What is bullet Betta fish?

 In today's topic, we will discuss another genetically modified betta fish variety called the Bullet Betta fish. But what is....read more
hellboy betta

Hellboy Betta fish

This is the Red Galaxy Platform breed which is very popular these days in the Betta Fish World, commonly known....read more
betta fish breeding pair

How To Know Your Betta Fish Are Ready For Breeding

Breeding betta fish can be an exciting experience, but it's essential to understand the signs of readiness in both male....read more
Swim bladder disease

Betta Fish Swim Bladder Disease Treatment

If you’re noticing weird behavior in your betta, like abnormal swimming, floating vertically, on its side, or upside down, there’s....read more
Vertical hang disease treatment

Vertical Death Hang Disease

This betta keeper took his betta fish to a veterinarian for treatment of vertical death hang disease. In this blog,....read more
happy gold fish

10 Tips For Happy Gold Fish

If you want to ensure your goldfish has a happy and healthy life, today's blog is going to be greatly....read more
tips for successful breeding tips

Taking Care of Betta Fish Eggs: 11 Pro Tips

Today, we're going to look at the topic of betta fish breeding, specifically talking more about taking care of betta....read more


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