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12 Secrets: Must-Know Tips For Using Catappa Leaves In Betta Fish Tanks

Betta fish not eating

Why Do Betta Fish Spit Out Their Food?

Betta fish decorations

10 Decorations Your Betta Fish Will LOVE In Their Aquarium

Betta fish require proper care to stay happy and healthy. It includes providing them with peaceful tank where your more
Betta fish flaring against mirror

Do You Need Mirror In Betta Fish Tank?

The betta fish is one of the most common tropical fish known for its various colors and fin types. more
betta fish for beginner

Why Betta Fish is Perfect Pet fish for Beginners?

Why would anyone consider a betta fish as their best pet? In this post, I will break down the more
Tips for planted aquarium | Planted tank ideas

Tips for planted aquarium | Planted tank ideas

Planted tanks are less work to maintain than normal aquariums, but they require proper setup. The size of your tank, more
gravel cleaner

5 Best Gravel Cleaner for your Aquarium

This post will discuss the 5 best aquarium cleaners that make aquarium maintenance easy. Please note, these reviews are more
AI Betta fish

I Asked AI to Create Human from Betta fish

I asked AI to create human portraits of my Betta fish. As a midjourney experiment, I asked for an more
Can you keep guppy and betta together

Can Guppies And Bettas Live Together? 10 Tips

Can guppy fish peacefully live with betta? How to avoid them picking on each other's beautiful fins? In today's post, more
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