AI Betta fish

I Asked AI to Create Human from Betta fish

I asked AI to create human portraits of my Betta fish. As a midjourney experiment, I asked for an AI tool to convert my betta fish into human images, which surprised me.

How did I make them?

The AI at Midjourney is at the forefront of this technology, producing clear, captivating images. You can explore AI image generation without coding, making it accessible to everyone. An AI image generator makes it easy to create stunning images. Whether you’re an artist looking to express yourself or a content creator seeking eye-catching visuals, there’s an app or platform for you. AI-generated content captures users’ attention worldwide, from avatar creation to video production.

What makes me do it?

In my childhood, I always imagined my favorite betta fish as a friend. This idea popped up in my head, thinking about how they would look as humans. Actually, I tried to create humans that resembled betta fish in my past and gave-up on some point due to my skill limitations. So I started exploring several AI generation tools to create the quality of images i want. So i decide to Aske AI to Create Human from Betta fish.

Does AI replace artists?

I strongly believe AI work can NOT take over artists’ efforts and the life touch they give to every image. AI may replace your desktop background images, but i still strongly believe the artists works that decorate your home/office can’t be replace with AI work. This is because we love them not just because they are beautiful, its also because of the imagination, heart and soul put by the artist behind.

Full Video on my channel here with 100+ Betta fish to human portrait conversions to enjoy! Hope you will appreciate the work.