betta fish for beginner

Why Betta Fish is Perfect Pet fish for Beginners?

In reality, fish might seem like the least interactive pet. It’s because you can’t pet a fish or cuddle them like a dog or take them to the park for a walk. With these limitations, why would anyone consider a betta fish as their best pet? In this post, I will break down the benefits of having a betta fish as your pet and why you should consider loving them. Let’s get started.

1. Betta fish come in more colors.

Betta fish are known for their vibrant colors and striking fins. They come in hundreds of color and tail combinations, available at your local fish store, aquarium clubs and online. In recent days, even big pet retailers have a variety of fancy and colorful betta fish in stock. This will give you the option to pick your favorite color and type of fish from many varieties.

2. Betta Fish have a personality.

Betta fish are naturally curious fish. These small fish are packed with big personalities. They roam around their aquarium with an angry look on their face and explore every nook and corner of your tank. They investigate new things with curiosity and like to socialize with the environment around them. It won’t take them long to recognize you. You will soon find that your fish will approach each time you come close to aquarium. I find myself much more relaxed when watching betta fish swim around peacefully in his tank.

3. Betta fish are low maintenance

Betta fish are very low-maintenance compared to any other pet. They are perfect for the busy person who doesn’t have the time to attend to dog and cat needs or recycle 50 gallon fish aquarium setups every month. In terms of diet, betta fish are quite adaptable; they are not very picky eaters. Also you can feed them any harmless insects like small ants, mosquitos, banana fly and anything you can find in your house. Actually it’s fun to watch them hunting live insects. But clear feeding advise needed, check my channel on how and how not to feed insects.

4. Betta Fish is in-expensive.

Betta fish are inexpensive, not only at the point of purchase, but they will also not cost you much for maintenance compared to other fish breeds. You can purchase betta fish for a relatively low price from your local pet shop. It doesn’t cost as much to set up and fill the tank as gold fish or other reef aquariums. In this video, all the considerations are only to give your Betta fish the best life. If you are thinking of keeping betta fish in a tiny bottle or jar, this video is not for you.

5. Compact tank size

Betta fish don’t require large aquariums. An adult male betta can do great in a small as 5 gallon desk-top tank and with proper care. You can keep 2 to 3 females in a 10 gallon tank. It’s also easy to clean a betta fish tank. Betta fish tank cleaning is easier than compare giant fish tanks. It doesn’t mean you can keep betta fish in tiny jars, I recommend keeping them in atleast 5 gallon tank for better life.

6. No pets allowed?

While many apartment buildings don’t allow cats or dogs, they still permit small aquariums and fish bowls. Even college dorms allow fish where they prohibit other pets. Betta fish will be a great option to consider in such cases which will make you spend quality time on your fish hobby.

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7. You can even have only one fish

A great thing about betta is that you can keep one solitary betta fish in the tank, and they will live just as happy. Often people say betta will get lonely; In reality, betta will never be lonely, but they will get bored. You can add various tank decorations, caves, and plants for them to avoid boredom. In fact, having them alone might even be beneficial, as they will have enough space to live properly, which is the primary goal when owning a betta fish. This would make the betta more peaceful, but also stop fighting with other fish.

8. Bettas are hardy fish.

Betta fish can survive in a variety of conditions. What sets them apart is a special organ known as the labyrinth organ, which enables them to breathe outside of water. This allows betta fish to survive outside of water for longer periods than most other freshwater fish. You may have heard stories or even personally experienced where a betta fish jumped out of its tank and remained alive for over 10-15 minutes. The primary reason behind this is the betta’s labyrinth organ, which makes them breathe outside of water.

9. Bettas are great vacation pets

If you’re a frequent traveler, betta fish are an excellent choice as they are low-maintenance pet. Their adaptability to tank environments allows them to survive with infrequent feedings and water changes. If you’re planning short trips, it’s absolutely fine to feed your betta fish before your departure and leave them fasting for up to two days until your return. Actually this fasting period will help reset their digestive system and maintain their overall health. While bettas can go without food for up to two weeks, it’s important to note that this doesn’t mean you can go on a two-week vacation without planning for their care. Proper preparation and care are still essential to ensure your betta’s well-being during your vacation.

10. You can teach betta fish tricks.

It’s possible to train Betta fish to do tricks. You can see some of my betta fish doing tricks in my past videos; they are actually quite easy to teach with some patience. Betta fish can be trained to jump, swim through tunnels, run into hoops, push balls, and more. They’re quite intelligent compared to other fish varieties. If you have the patience and time, you can teach betta fish tricks like jumping out of the water and touching your finger, swimming through a hoop in their tank and following your finger. If you are interested in knowing about training your betta fish, visit the this post for full detail about teaching betta tricks.

11. Bettas Can Live for Years

It’s a common misconception that betta fish have a relatively short lifespan, typically lasting between 6 to 12 months. In reality, betta have the potential for a much longer life, spanning from 3 to 5 years provided they receive proper care and attention. From my personal experience, I once had a betta that lived for nearly five years from the time of its birth, making it the longest-lived betta fish in my care. But some petkeepers report that their bettas live over 7 years. Please add a comment about what is the longest betta fish have lived with you.

12. Bettas are easy to care

Betta fish are easy to care for compared to other fish types. Once your aquarium is set up and established, betta fish require only an hour or two of work each week to clean their tank, 20% water change, test their water quality, check their temperature and just a few minutes for daily feedings. But mainly, spend time with them during feeding and also by adding some plants, caves and hiding spots in the tank to avoid boredom.

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