avatar betta fish

Avatar Betta fish – Everything you must know!

A significant development has emerged in the betta fish industry: the Dark Blue Avatar, known as the Black Star Galaxy HMPK Betta. This unique betta, with its striking colors, captivates enthusiasts. The Avatar Betta is essentially the Black Star Galaxy HMPK Betta, also referred to as Black Blue Star Galaxy, Black Star Galaxy, Black Avatar Stars, and Nebular Black Stars Betta. These fish of such coloration are scarce for half-moon or plakat varieties, resulting in high prices due to the current strong demand. Professor Somkiat Intamu, a breeder in Thailand, is the mastermind behind the Avatar betta’s color. His inspiration came from a documentary featuring images of stars in shades of blue, green, and black cut from a nebula. After years of dedication, he achieved this feat, although he wasn’t the one who christened the fish.

Betta lovers have nicknamed this color fish “Avatar betta” because many have compared this fish with the movie Avatar, thus producing the names “Blue Black Avatar” or “Dark Blue Avatar”.

Fighting fish of this color are very rare for Half-moon or placket. Due to the difficulty of breeding and the high demand for betta lovers, these fish are very expensive. Because there are still very few of this new hammer color for the koi Plakat fish in the world, it is considered a very rare breed. Comment below if you have any questions or suggestions. See you on the next topic.