hellboy betta

Hellboy Betta fish

Today, I’m back with another topic about an exceptional betta breed variety. This is the Red Galaxy Platform breed which is very popular these days in the Betta Fish World, commonly known as Hellboy Betta fish by betta lovers. Its tail defines Hellboy Plakat Betta as “Classic.” The tail is not a full half-moon, but somewhat close.

Hellboy Plakat Betta Fish

Hellboy Plakat Bettas are very high-grade coloration fish of the plakat variety. Their genetics make them display a minimum of three colors on their body and fins. Red is a defining and typical dominant color in this betta fish variety, which makes it even more exciting and betta lovers often compare with Hollywood movie character Hellboy. A more thrilling aspect of this betta variety is its incredibly colorful and eye-catching dominant red coloration.

Hellboy betta fishes are part of the group of the Galaxy koi plakat bettas. In general, The Galaxy Koi Betta is a bread with specific colors and patterns. Male varieties display a base dominated by blues or reds. They will have less clear colors, though spots of iridescent scales are noticeable. The Galaxy Koi Betta has litter bigger fins and tails than the normal Plakat betta. Hellboy bettas are rare and vibrant with a wide combination of rich colors which creates demand in betta fish buyers. These special fishes are tank-bred but native to Thailand. Hellboy Bettas are highly selectively bred and extremely high-quality well-bred tropical fish. 

The fancy Hellboy betta fish

The fancy Hellboy betta fish is currently a favorite category of ornamental fish not only in Indonesia but in Thailand as well. They have similarities since many exporters and importers work together to farm these fish. These fish are very beautiful and unique. Because of their contrast between red and white that makes it very eye-catching. 

Every betta keeper should know these few important tips on betta care

  • Make sure your fish tank is at least 2 gallons in size.
  • Betta fish enjoy the water with a pH of 6.5 to 7.5 and a temperature of 76 to 81 degrees Fahrenheit
  • The water in your tank should be treated with a dechlorinating water conditioner whenever you add water to it
  • Bettas do not need filtered tanks, but they will keep the water cleaner, reducing the amount of time you have to spend cleaning your tank
  • In choosing a betta’s tank, choose at least one or two hideouts, so your fish have somewhere to hide away and relax
  • These hideouts can be planted or silk hideouts to swim-throughs or rocks
  • It’s important to remember that betta fish have delicate fins, so pick smooth decorations and soft plants that won’t catch on their fins and tails
  • Feed your betta once or twice a day at a relatively regular time. If you feed your betta pellet food, you will need to feed him 4 to 8 pieces based on your betta size.

Hellboy Betta fish.