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Train your Betta fish to do Tricks

You can train your betta fish to do some tricks by teaching them; surprisingly it’s easy to train betta fish. Betta fish are intensely curious by nature; training your betta fish is good to keep them active and engaging. These tricks are really fun to teach, and also greatly improve bonding experiences between you and your betta fish. In this blog, we are going to see the most interesting betta tricks like feeding them from your hand, teaching them to jump, Swimming through hoops, and many more.

Bettas are clever little fish, but that doesn’t mean you can get the most out of your training sessions. Fish have short attention spans, so we recommend starting with five-minute sessions. You can work your way up to 10 minutes once your betta gets used to their new training schedule. Please do not tease your fish and be sure to reward all the tiny progressions that your betta fish makes. Some betta will get the hang of these tricks fast and some may take a bit longer. Be patient, and you will be amazed by what these smart little guys and girls can achieve. Here we begin with some interesting tricks that your betta can learn

Get your betta’s attention (level: Easy)

Although it might surprise you, betta fish can recognize you. They actually can become attached to their owners. They are more likely to recognize you once you start spending time near your fish. If you have just acquired your betta, give it at least a week to recognize you. You will know that your betta is ready if he or she starts swimming toward you if he sees you.

Follow the finger (level Easy) – Train your Betta fish

One of the easiest is teaching your fish to come to you when you want them to. Drag your finger across the front of the fish tank. Softly tap on the glass and see if he looks at your hand. If Betta moves towards it, reward her quickly with a treat. If your betta does not notice you, shake your finger until betta notices. Move your finger in multiple directions. First, move your finger to opposite sides of the tank. Next, move your finger vertically up and down. Reward your fish each time she follows you. Train for three to five minutes at a time over several days. Proceed to other tricks once she consistently follows your finger. Once your betta can follow your finger, teaching other tricks will be easier

Train your betta to flare (level Easy)

Betta flaring provides them with an exercise that prevents boredom and promotes bubble nest building. Only perform the flare trick three to five minutes a day or you can overexert your betta. Gather a small mirror and a red or black-capped pen. Use the same colored pen throughout training so your betta will recognize the pen. Once your betta flares, place the pen next to the tank glass. Repeat this process two to three more times. Sometimes your betta will get afraid and may move away. Keep on trying. Give your betta food or a treat each time your betta flares. You can use a pen, stick, mirror, or other betta fish near to perform this exercise.

Eat from your hand (level Intermediate)

After your betta has learned to swim up to your hand when they want a treat, put a piece of food on your fingertip and place it in the water. Your fish should gobble it right up. Gradually you can transition to holding the food slightly underwater in your finger. Try feeding your Betta a food they like while training them. Betta may even jump if you hold blood worms or insects above the water level just a bit!

Jump for a treat (level Hard) – Train your Betta fish

In their natural habitat, wild Bettas instinctively attack food on the water’s surface. You can tap into this instinctual behavior. Place a pellet under your fingernail or on a wet finger; it should adhere. Gently wiggle your finger just above the water’s surface to capture your Betta’s attention. Occasionally, your Betta may leap toward your finger; reward them with the pellet. If they aren’t interested immediately, persevere patiently. Wait for your Betta to show interest; you might need to dip the pellet’s tip into the water and wait for it to approach your finger or the pellet. Upon success, reward them. After a few days, raise the pellet above the water and repeat. With practice, your Betta will jump for the reward, but be mindful not to overfeed. Practice a few times daily to keep it engaging.

Swim through hoops (level Hard)

Craft a hoop from a pipe cleaner or plastic. Identify your Betta’s favorite food and use it as bait. Suspend the hoop within the tank for the Betta to swim through. Move the bait to entice your Betta through the hoop. Gradually elevate the hoop as your Betta becomes more accustomed to swimming through it, eventually having it touch the water’s surface. With practice, your Betta might leap through the hoop for a food reward. Alternatively, try luring your fish through the hoop by placing both hands inside the tank and offering a food bite. Be cautious not to overfeed your Betta. While training treats are fine, excessive feeding may lead to illness or death. Remember, this trick can be challenging, so don’t get discouraged. Some pre-made Betta training kits are available in the market for you to try.

Betta toys (level Intermediate)

Try adding bobbing objects to the top of the tank. Get a small floating toy or a fishing bobber. Make sure the toy is clean before you place it in the water. Put a small plastic ping-pong ball on the top of the tank. See what the betta does! Some Betta will push it around their tank. If the Betta doesn’t play with the ball immediately, give your fish some time to get used to it. There are a lot of readymade betta toys available in pet stores you can directly buy it try them as well. Marina Betta Ornament, Zoo Med Floating Betta Log, and R2 Fish School kit are some readymade betta toys you can find online to buy

Feed your Betta live food

This is a great way to entertain and train your fish to do tricks. Fish or aquarium-specific stores often offer live worms that most Betta will chase with zeal. Always feed your Betta a balanced, varied diet. Too many treats or meals will not be good for your fish but they can be given once in a while with no problem. You just don’t want to feed them too much and get them sick!

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